Dr. Vinita Navalkar walked us through the basics of astrophotography, carefully explaining the following: ideal sky conditions to look out for, how to play with camera settings to obtain near-perfect raw images, equipment (essential ones and the slightly DIY-ish ones, ’cause astrophotography is quite an expensive hobby!), and the processing of these images.

Vinita explained this entire exercise with the help of pictures that she had acquired over the past few years. Along with the technical bits, there was a story behind each picture- one that was taken from Ladakh, one from the good ol’ TIFR sea on and so forth. This Sawaal-Jawaab was quite a unique one. It showed how a graduate student combined her science into a beautiful hobby- one that involved a whole lot of travelling in search of clearer skies.

Date: November 9, 2019
Speaker: Dr. Vinita Navalkar (Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Mumbai)
Venue: TIFR Hyderabad auditorium

The video of this talk is available here.