News views of the Moon from Chandrayaan-2

At the time when everyone was glued to their television screens, eagerly following India’s second lunar mission, Dr. P. Sreekumar (ISRO) gave a fascinating talk about the scientific objectives of Chandrayaan-2.

Sreekumar touched upon various aspects of the mission- such as detecting water on the surface of the moon, the trans lunar insertion manoeuvre of the spacecraft and the different payloads that the spacecraft is carrying to address multiple scientific questions. Not only did this session see the highest number of attendees ever, it also brought down the average age of attendees of a typical Sawaal-Jawaab!

Date: October 12, 2019
Speaker: Dr. P. Sreekumar (ISRO)
Venue: B M Birla Science Centre

Highlights of this session of Sawaal-Jawaab in The Hindu: Shining the light on India’s prestigious moon mission